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Antiseptic Swab | Alcohol Prep Pad (Alcohol Swab) | Medical pad Machine 

>> Antiseptic Swab | Alcohol Prep Pad (Alcohol Swab) | Medical pad Machine :

Properties Min / Max
Internal Paper Size 60 mm to 140 mm
Package Width 45 mm to 70 mm
Production Capacity per Minute 95 sachet to 200 sachet/min
Filling Weight 1 cc to 10 cc
Dimensions of the Machine 120cm*195cm*195cm
Weight 850 KG.
Requirement for Electricity 3,5Kw-220 Volt
Products to be Packaged 40X40 mm 50X70mm 



  • • Entirely stainless appearance 304 quality
  • • Control System: PLC controller
  • • Control Panel : Touch Screen
  • • Operation by Photocell –without Photocell
  • • External Package and Internal Towel motors are equipped with STEP motor
  • • Internal towel size adjustment automatically adjusted over the screen
  • • Easy transition between products. Special rail system rapidly and easily adjusted between the sizes in a short time. Producing towels in desired dimension within the ranges of 40*40, 50*70 mm.
  • • Digital tachometer indicating net capacity of the machine per minute
  • • Silent operation
  • Flexi Glass Cabinet
  • • Software update via internet
  • • Digital thermostat with the sensitivity of (+ -) 2 Cº
  • • Automatic stop in desired quantity
  • • Tail system being capable of rapidly and easily shaping internal towel
  • • Ergonomic design providing easy use
  • • Free operator training,2 years guarantee 
Optional Features
V Tear Notch
Discharge Conveyor
Date, Serial No Coding Group
Bi-directional Separator
Liquid Filling Unit


Ideal for Alcohol base of swabs packaging machines, Medical swabs making machines, Alcohol prep pad packaging machines, Medical wipes packaging machine ,water base of airline wet tissue packaging machines ,also it is good for packing Cleansing towels, Shave wipes, Nail polish remove wipes,Facial wet tissues,Povidone iodine prep pad,  antiseptic swab ,Lemon glycerin swab stick, medical wet wipes, wet wipes ,Restaurant wet tissue, glasses cleaning wet wipes,computer cleaning wet tissue, spectacles cleaning wet wipes, and etc.

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